Give Away!


37 thoughts on “Give Away!

  1. In all seriousness, I have tea the book you are giving away and the people that receive the giveaway will be very blessed to read it!!

  2. It is very nice to hear from your pastor since we have a large church we do not get to talk whith him personally but this will pull us together

  3. Hi Eugene,
    Thanks for the excellent message yesterday. We had a followup discussion (Khaluma) in Community Group last nite, and it is amazing how so often your message fits our study material for the group meeting. We were studying Acts 20-23, — Paul’s suffering, and the sacrifices he made in his life, his single-minded purpose to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to both the Jews and Gentiles. Oh, and by the way, am I one of the 5??? :)

  4. I look forward to reading and sharing thoughts within the boma. I pledge to have self control (a fruit of the spirit) as I have a tendency to over expound. Ralph

  5. I would love a copy of the book if I am one of the first five!!! Thank you! Yesterday’s sermon was wonderful. God Bless!

  6. My husband Bennie and I have been so blessed to hear your sermons! There is no doubt that God leads you! I appreciate your bravery to speak the truth! We have also been a part of Carol and Brad Adkins community group. God was unfailing to correlate your sermons with the teachings from our class. It served as reinforcement for us. I look forward to going deeper with you and everyone at FBC!
    In Christian Love,
    Edie McGee

  7. Hey, Eugene! I’m not sure what number I am, but I would love a copy! I really enjoyed the sermon this Sunday. It has given me a lot to think about. Today, I tried to remember to say “i thank” instead of “I wish”. I have to admit, I say “I wish” a lot.

  8. Loved the sermon Sunday! Thank you for the powerful message….I’d like to be thrown in the hat for the give away book by TImothy Keller. If youve already exceeded 5 responses, I’ll pick one up on my own. I had already planned to get
    a copy anyway.
    Thanks Eugene….
    Carol Adkins

  9. What an awsome message Sunday. I am really looking forward to this serious. Thank you so much for your leadership.

  10. The sound finally worked! I am looking forward to your blog. Sunday’s sermon was excellent as always and I am definitely putting this book on my wishlist. I am enjoying Prodigal God.

  11. I am continually amazed by the way your teaching style matches ‘best practice’ learning priniciples. tim and I find ourselves nodding often at the clarity and applicability of the sermons. Our community group (Blair’s) reflect on and discuss the sermon contents and find that the process of doing so facilitates the applicability tremendously. We appreciate your approachability and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

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