What Are We Doing Here?

Over the past few weeks I have been ‘talking church’ with some ministry peers in other cities. Such conversations often revolve around the “what” of our work…“what are you doing?” and, “what is the result?” But recently our conversations have turned to the more weighty matter of “why”. Why do we even do church?

The answer is found in the space between the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. We labor to make disciples (Matt 28) that show love to God and their neighbors (Matt 22). Here at Fellowship we put it this way—we exist to grow compelling relationships with God and others that have an irresistible influence in our world.

We are all made for relationships. Each person lives day-to-day relating with other people. And of all relationships, knowing God is most important. But because of our sin, our relationships are all damaged and need repair. Fortunately, God is in the business of creating relationships that are compelling by drawing people into his church.

The church consists of those who have entered a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ and direct their lives according to his Word. In this community, we worship God together, we grow in our faith together, and we serve others together. And as these compelling relationships are nurtured, the Holy Spirit uses the church to have a dramatic impact on the world around it.

As a church, we aspire to be this kind of community. We want to be an environment where people are growing compelling relationships with God and others that have an irresistible influence in our world.

This is why we do church. Come to think of it, it also explains what we do.

4 thoughts on “What Are We Doing Here?

  1. It is only recently that I have begun to build relationships with other people within our church. I understand now that in my previous church, I placed the majority of my focus on my human relationships and not on my relationship with God. I went to church for moral support from others and depended too little on God to provide for me and heal my wounds. But these relationships were damaged by our own sins and selfishness. Commitments and promises were broken. Prayer requests turned into a time idle gossip. Lines were drawn and so many of us felt pressured to choose a side. I left church angry, bitter at God for “letting” His people be so judgemental and duplicitous.

    I didn’t attend church for awhile. I licked my wounds and pouted like a child. Eventually, I found a new church where I felt I was being spiritually fed. I enjoyed church again–but I was deathly afraid of it all crashing down. I was hesitant to make any connections because in my mind forming relationships would only lead to more pain. And for awhile, God let me be. He let me have it my way. I came to church. I sang. I listened. I grew. And I left each week without having to speak to or acknowledge anyone besides during the “greet your neighbor” time of the service.

    Then God started pushing me a little. I was hesitant but finally joined one of the ladies’ Bible studies. I went and participated and even enjoyed myself. But I left each week without ever making an effort to know anyone.

    Then our family had some difficulties and I realized how lonely life without fellowship can be.

    It’s not that I wanted people to make a fuss over us or to bring us food or whatnot. I just wanted the comfort of knowing a body of believers–of brothers and sisters in Christ–were praying for us and lifting us up during their quiet time with God.

    So I begin my new journey–to truly find fellowship at Fellowship. I want those compelling relationships with both my God and my fellow children of God.

  2. Building these relationships is risky! We become vulnerable when we place our hearts in the hands of sin-clumsy people. Here’s the good news though, while we in the church are sure to disappoint, Christ never does. If our hearts rest in his hands, we can get bruised but never crushed.
    I am glad that you are connecting. Persist…venture forth, you’ll be glad you did.

  3. Eugene, as a new member, I’m loving the blog so far. I’ve invited my Facebook friends to join in too. I left Sunday blown away by the message, as I tend to do most Sundays. I can’t wait to see where this will lead me in my personal growth as well as the growth of the church. God bless!! Julie Young

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