Priests and Professionals

­­Not so long ago, vocational ministry was limited to a single option—the solo pastor. He was employed to shepherd, comfort, and teach the flock. But as circumstances have changed, churches have begun to expand their payroll to include numerous employees. Is this a welcome change? Some say no. They argue that, as the church staff grows, it undermines the ministry opportunities of the members. If every Christian is a priest (1 Peter 2:9) there is no need or place for a professional priesthood. An engaged crew of volunteers, they believe, better serves the church.

I disagree. Obviously, I am not opposed to engaged volunteers; more of them would be welcome. It’s just that I believe that engaged volunteers that are equipped, accomplish more. And this is where staff helps.  When highly trained people, who are uniquely gifted, are placed in positions of influence, they lift the game of everyone that serves with them. Staffs don’t replace volunteers — they equip them. The professionals make the priesthood more proficient.

This is why churches like ours make hires. We are determined to give our people every advantage in serving Christ well. Currently, we are considering candidates for two positions:

  1. An equipping pastor—teaching, preaching, curriculum development, etc.
  2. A SoulCare pastor—congregational care, counseling, mentoring, etc.

Pray for the elders as they consider these men. Your prayers will impact the process and help us make good decisions. And then draw near to our staff, get to know them, lean on them, and learn from them. They are here to help you reach new levels of effectiveness in ministry.


2 thoughts on “Priests and Professionals

    • The equipping pastor will fill the pulpit, and based on our complementarian view would need to be a man (1 Timothy 2:12).
      The SoulCare position need not be a man, but the candidate we are considering happens to be one.
      Fortunately, our staff is well represented by women that make an outstanding contribution to our church.

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