Unintended Praise


Moments like these are goose-bump worthy. Once again, we discover beauty in the most unexpected places and our souls rejoice in the gifts God has given. What a voice! I was so enjoying the piece when Simon dropped an ‘OMG’ into his commentary. As per usual, the flippant naming of God caused a stab of irritation. Our societies willingness to defame God’s name by using it as a verbal exclamation point is rightly infuriating.

And then, upon reflection, I decided that it was well placed. I don’t condone his disrespect, but the phrase itself is appropriate to the occasion. When such words are sung with such beauty, God’s name should be on our lips. Simon had no intent to praise God, and any glory given was unintended, but such moments are granted so that our familiarity with the ordinary is interrupted with awe.

Daily we live in numb indifference only to be shaken by the exceptional. These glimpses of the divine are meant to draw our attention and worship to our maker. In such moments our first words should be, “Oh my God”. Just be sure to be intentional with your praise.


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