5 thoughts on “Outrageous

  1. Your comment that we should not have tinner skins but more sensitive hearts really got me thinking….thanks!

    • Well then, let me add to that thought. A thin skin tends to accompany a prickly personality. Offences are quickly taken over trivial and sometime imaginary wrongs. Basically, it’s pride insisting that status is maintained. I care little about this. A sensitive heart, in the way I have described, is seeing the world through God’s eyes and responding accordingly. This is good and necessary. We should have a visceral reaction towards sexual exploitation, abortion, abuse, etc. Taken to the extreme this becomes zealotry, but I think we would do well with more, not less righteous offence.

  2. Matthew 18 talks about confronting sin. You stated in your message last week that we have come to a place where we since that God is “comfortable” with us being “comfortable with our sins, or something close to that. Is this part of the solution of what you are sharing or am I missing something? Is it that we have gotten to the place now where it is just a part of our daily routine to be so unhappy not really knowing what our sins are? It points to how crucial community truly is and how bad we need it to encourage each other. Philippians 2 verses 3 and 4 are great verses to put us on a path that is so encouraging. It takes our minds off of ourselves and puts a focus on others just as Jesus desires for us to do. We need to strive to be holy as Jesus desires for us to be holy. Not perfect by any means. It is like using our spiritual gifts. Most “Christians” don’t even know what their spiritual gifts are. If they did, and put them into motion, then I think we would see a lot less “nagging and complaining” and more work carried out for the Kingdom, which comes for community. You got me going Pastor Brandt!

  3. I wasnt thinking about that reference in my sermon, but let’s make the connection. On one side, we are told to be content with our appetites and so we are not offended with sin in our lives. On the other side, we are inoculated to outrage by all the TV silliness and so we are not offended by sin in the world. The bottom line is that we are too comfortable with sin, within and without.

    • I used this time=honored example with my high school students: You can boil a frog with his cooperation if you begin with cool water and turn up the heat slowly. Rather graphic, but to the point. We, like the frogs, get ourselves into hot water often because we become so used to the gradual warming of the water. I used to be shocked so much more easily…I am ashamed to say. Thank you for the reminder……

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