Update From The Hollands

Hey Fellowship,

We are excited to give you an update of what God is doing here in Quito, Ecuador where we serve with a multi-cultural church called English Fellowship as the Director of Student Ministry. It has been a wild adventure since arriving here almost two and a half years ago. God continues to open doors and allow us to pour our hearts and lives into youth and students. Along with the good, the Lord uses challenging circumstances to draw us to Him.

Although life could be described as crazy right now, we see daily how our lives and ministry mold together. God has given us a desire to be used in an every-day way while providing many opportunities to see that desire being met. Just last week we traveled into the jungle in preparation for our youth mission trip, which allows our students to pour into the lives of others. Each Sunday night we meet in our home with Mosaic, our youth group.

We are leaving today through the 27th on a weekend retreat with our students.  It’s called Mosaic on Mission and we will have 53 people for this camp in the jungle inspiring these third culture students to live for Christ radically.  You can be praying specifically that students will dive headfirst toward God and not look back — that the Holy Spirit will change their lives forever!

We are also seeing the opportunity for long-term relationships. We currently have a student who graduated last year living with us while he is visiting his friends. It has been great to have many meaningful conversations and enjoy reconnecting. Students come over to our house at random times to hang out with us. We are grateful they want to be part of our lives. Because of our ministry, we also have an opportunity to go to the school and have lunch with our students. The senior boys will be graduating soon so I (Loren) spend as much time with them as I can before they graduate and disperse across the globe. I am also enjoying preaching and leading worship on occasion at English Fellowship Church.

Alaina is a full time mom and loves it. Today she spent 4 hours at the Visa office only to find out she could not get her visa yet because they were out of paper. In the mean time, she had a great conversation with an older gentleman about God. Although time is filled up with paperwork, visas, insurance, travel, summer schedule, bills, phone calls, meetings and preparations for leaving, we have been able to take a few much needed breaks including a beach trip.

We will be in Jackson this summer!  Fellowship is planning a welcome back party on June 14th at 6pm. Everyone is welcome, and we would love to meet YOU. Contact Oliver Dossmann to RSVP at oliver@missiontm.org.

For now, we have a few prayer requests and would appreciate you praying for us.

  • Finishing well with our students before returning to the US this summer.
  • For our son Zane as we travel around the US visiting family and friends
  • Continued financial support and even an increase due to costs increasing here in Ecuador.
  • That we can point others to Christ throughout our travels this summer.

If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter update you can sign up HERE.

Looking forward to being with you soon.
Loren, Alaina, & Zane Holland


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