“Will You Marry Me?”

Meet Dan and Lindsay—they are engaged to be married. I met Dan last fall when he and Matt were in town for the Justified conference. Dan works closely with Matt at Fellowship Raleigh. It was wonderful to see him again this past weekend, but better still was his news. He had recently proposed to Lindsay, she said ‘yes’, and there is going to be a wedding.

I am quite sure that Dan will make a great husband, but it’s his performance in asking Lindsay for her hand in marriage that caught my attention. When it comes to proposals, Dan did it right. In fact, it was so well done that I have recorded it here so that others may learn from his masterful performance! This is a classy proposal (with proven results) in 6 not-so-easy steps:

  1. Recruit prayer partners
    During a small gathering after the Justified conference, Tom Schreiner prayed that God would give Dan a wife. Hey, the prayers of a righteous man avail much!
  2. Find the right girl
    I know, this is easier said than done—but this is why step number 1 comes first.
  3. Include the family
    Dan persuaded Lindsay’s dad to help out by appropriating (stealing) Lindsay’s passport.
  4. Select a romantic spot
    Dan whisked Lindsay off to Niagara Falls. All this was a surprise for the future bride. Now you understand the need for the passport.
  5. Make last-minute adjustments
    Dan knew he wanted a photographic record of the event. Seeing a Russian tourist with a massive camera strapped round his neck, Dan knew he had his man.
  6. Put your best foot forward
    It’s not novel, but some things can’t be improved upon. Taking a knee and offering a ring (quite nice!) he popped the question.

There you have it—a proposal sequence to be proud of. I am sure there are others that are equally impressive. Do you have some great engagement stories that can inspire the young men that have ‘happily-ever-after’ aspirations?

5 thoughts on ““Will You Marry Me?”

  1. While I won’t share someone else’s story, maybe they will read this post and be compelled to tell it themself.

    Someone in our church recently proposed, and the telling of the story to me by a third party made me cry. It was a beautiful, Christ-centered proposal. Ohhhhhhh, I hope someone will share it!! It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.

  2. I did not realize Dan worked at Fellowship Raleigh! We grew up together in Raleigh, going to the same church & participating in the same youth group. He was always a stand up guy from an equally stand up family. I saw his pictures on Facebook the other day. Congratulations to him. What a small world!

  3. So, here’s a story on how not to propose (even though the marriage has been a huge success). After dating for 6 weeks, while standing on the beach, waves lapping at our feet, watching an amazing sunset, R says “Dawn, will you marry me?” My reply, “I will, but that’s not my name.” In total disbelief that he has just made the biggest proposal blunder ever, he crumbles and cringes and apologies profusely. I laugh it off and accept the ring, marry my best friend, and we just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary this past Saturday. :-)

  4. The day this was posted was our 3 year anniversary! We were the first to get married in the new Fellowship Jackson church building. For our engagement Loren flew up from Ecuador (where he was an intern) and surprised me in TN. I thought I was going with my college roomates to a ‘mother-daughter’ tea! What a surprise when my boyfriend was in the country!!!

    Here is the link to the proposal! http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=E_Z1wDMGmro

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