Lazy Summer Days

With summer upon us, the days are longer, hotter, and the usual rhythms of life are interrupted. We do things differently during the summer months; we travel more often, vacation if we can, and complain about the heat. It’s summer time. And for the church staff, this means that we are in the throws of strategic planning. During these two months, while our seasonal ministry activity slows, the staff are busily preparing for the coming year.

So I decided to lift the veil, and invite you behind the scenes of the not-so-lazy days of summer. This is the shape of summer at Fellowship:

Strategic Planning begins with reflection. We are taking stock of what has been accomplished and we pause to learn from the experience.

    1. The staff completes a job analysis to detail the many responsibilities they have assumed over the year.
    2. They then do a self-evaluation, in which they reflect on the ways God has used them over the past year.
    3. Overseers follow up by interviewing their staff. Each staff person then receives a written review on his or her contribution.

This is time-consuming work, but it isn’t particularly difficult. We have a phenomenal staff that continues to exceed expectations, and this is an ideal opportunity to praise God for the work he is doing through our team.

4.  The Community Life team (adult ministries) then travels to North Coast Church in San Diego to        learn how to institute sermon-based Community Groups.
5.  The Elders meet for their annual retreat to finalize directives for the new ministry year.

Once July hits, all eyes are on the future. Lessons have been learned and God’s leading has been sought—now is the time to shape the coming year.

                    1. The Community Life team, Family Ministries team, and Worship Arts team spend the early days of July sharpening their objectives.
                    2. At this point, our plan is taking shape and individual responsibilities become clear. Job descriptions are fine-tuned for the staff.
                    3. In accord with the overall objectives and individual directives, staff then put events and initiatives on the calendar.
                    4. At the end of the month the staff gather at a calendar retreat to ensure that the planned ministry events compliment one another and don’t compete.

Once all this is done, we are ready for a new year of ministry effectiveness. On August 12 we launch anew with the State of the Church address. It’s summer time—it’s just not lazy. Please pray for your elders and staff during this season. We so appreciate your views and investment, but above all, we desire your prayers.

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