In A Better World (Part 3)

And we are back for more spurious nonsense and downright absurdity. But it’s my blog so I get to indulge my appetite for the inane. (The fancy talk is to make my silliness sound mature).

In a better world people will be required to be skill tested before they are allowed a Twitter account! I find Twitter an extremely useful communication tool but some people’s use of the forum drives me batty. Herewith my current rants and raves (no doubt, more will come).

  1. Stop abbreviating words unnecessarily. Yes, there is a space limit, but if someone cannot frame a thought in 140 characters or less, they shouldn’t share it.
  2. Stop posting pictures of food. These images of delectable meals are leading me to sin.
  3. Stop posting vacation pictures. For the same reason as number 2.
  4. Stop using hash tags. Their original purpose was meaningful, but this new form of gibberish that has been spawned is no good.
  5. Stop recording current locations. I do care about people. I generally don’t care if they are at the bank.
  6. Stop over-tweeting. Nobody should send more than ten tweets per day. None of us are that interesting.
  7. Stop using emoticons. Finally we have proof—pictures aren’t worth a thousand words.

If you have been misbehaving on Twitter, stop it. Of course, I reserve the right to override these objections and do the very things I denounce. #beblssd

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