They Came From Mars

Set aside the ugly twins of politics and funding, and we can all agree that the mission to Mars is inspiring. NASA’s biggest-and-best unmanned spacecraft has safely landed on the red planet. The size of a compact car, Curiosity has traveled 154 million miles to reach its destination. The scope of the mission is dizzying, the accomplishment thrilling. This is a feather in the cap of human ingenuity.

So feel free to be impressed. Take delight in the creative capacity that God has endowed in us. Let your imagination soar. Pump your fist in the air and be festive. Curiosity is something to be savored. Just be careful what you swallow.

The purpose of Curiosity is to hunt for the molecular ingredients of life. Over two years, the craft is to scour the surface the Gale Crater looking for evidence that Mars can sustain life. Even this is agreeable to me. I would be fascinated to know if rivers coursed the surface of mars. NASA’s Curiosity promises to stimulate my own curiosity.

But beware the inevitable sleight of hand. Any evidence that points to the possibility of life on Mars is going to be presented as a probability. The more enthusiastic will show even less caution and simply proclaim it proof of life. These bold pronouncements betray a deep-set, philosophical bias. Devotees to evolution, they believe that if conditions allow, life spontaneously occurs. Get the building blocks close enough together and buildings will rise.

But this confidence is an awful reach. It’s like a pioneer discovering a field of wheat and declaring it is evidence of cupcakes. Wheat only becomes delicacies when a sentient being (baker) organizes the ingredients. Likewise, molecular elements only become life when a sentient being (God) arranges them.  Everything that has a beginning has a cause, and life began because of God.

Let’s credit Curiosity’s scientists and engineers with the genius of their accomplishment. Their task was likened to hitting a golf ball in Los Angeles and having it land perfectly in a designated hole on a Scottish green. Well done. Likewise, let us credit God with the genius of his accomplishment. Through the power of his word, he spoke into emptiness and granted life. Well done. Very well done!

3 thoughts on “They Came From Mars

  1. I like this article. Reminds me of Ravi Zacharias’ musings of, if you see a beautiful vehicle or impressive skyscraper, it ultimately points to a designer, whether you’ve seen the creator or not. The theory of non life becoming life, presupposes that the non life had intention or will prior to life. Our solar system is rad for sure, space exploration in general. But its amazing we havent even been able to reach the most hidden depths of our own planet’s ocean either.

  2. The vastness of Gods creation is incredible. Distances in outer space are measured
    in light years. Light travels through space at a speed of 141,000 miles per second.
    Multiply that speed by 60 to get a light minute, again by 60 to get a light hour,by 24
    to get a light day and by 365 to get the distance of a light year. Unless you are
    capable of expressing your answer in scientific notation a gigantic sheet of paper
    will be required. Radio waves travel at the speed of light so a message to mars sent
    from the rover control station in California would take 18 minutes and 12 seconds to
    reach it’s destination

    And God started the whole process with the command, “let there be light”.

  3. Your caution is wise – programs like NASA, much the pride of our country for decades, can frankly be used as a front for digging for evidence to prove a point.

    A key here is that everyone has the same evidence. A scientist that digs up a small skeleton in Africa can come to all kinds of conclusions with exactly the same physical specimin. One who was looking for a “missing link” will believe he found exactly that. On the other hand, someone who’s worldview is based on Genesis as fact will assume he found the skeleton of a primate or a human, but not a hybrid.

    Much the same will happen with the search on Mars and we should be equipped as believers to engage in logical and intelligent conversation on the topic.

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