Words of Life

It’s been said that Justin Taylor blogs faster than most people think, and it may just be true. His volume is almost as impressive as his breadth, almost. Justin seems to be everywhere that evangelicals gather online, and he relays the conversations via posts and tweets at a furious pace.  Keep up with him and you remain abreast of the evangelical pulse. I try, but I admit that I am lagging behind—he is prolific.

Recently, Justin has been reporting on abortion. What surprised me by his posts is that he is one of the few tackling the topic. The cause for life was once an ambition of the evangelical movement, but it seems that in recent years our Christian awareness is directed elsewhere and the debate has died down. Sadly, the dying continues, our silence has not slowed the death of the innocent.

And where we have grown weary of complaining, proponents and providers of abortion have continued to champion the “right to choose”. If we unstop our ears for a moment and listen to what is being said, we will realize how much we have lost and how much more is being jeopardized.

With increasing frequency the academic advocates of abortion are abandoning the claim that the fetus is not yet a person. They must, that argument is scientific nonsense. Now they concede that the unborn is a person but still they refuse to offer the child any protection. Worth and dignity, they say, are granted by the parents, and so a parent can justifiably end a life by withholding these. Some ethicists (I use the term loosely) use this line of reasoning to campaign for after-birth abortions. If it is permissible to kill prenatal children that have not been given moral status, then it should be ethically permissible to kill postnatal children for the same reason. The weak are only as valuable as the strong decide!

Infanticide is unlikely to win public approval, but this is slim encouragement when scores of children are killed in the womb. The numbers vary, but we do know that abortion’s daily death toll in the USA nears 4 thousand. That translates into 1.3 million deaths a year, and that only accounts for 3% of the world total. Best estimates show that 42 million babies are intentionally killed every year. Justin Taylor is right to call it a global slaughter.

I realize that abortion is a political issue that inflames partisan passions, but my concern is rooted in Scripture, not some political platform. God has spoken, and his words have given life. Every human being is made in the image of God from the moment of conception (Gen 1:27), and this grants the unborn child worth and dignity. In addition to this, we find that the fetus is repeatedly spoken of as being a person who is loved by God (Ps. 139:13–17; Je. 1:5; Ec. 11:5). More is available, but these are sufficient to prove the point—abortion is a sin against God.

What is to be done? Certainly, there are local and national organizations that advocate for life and they could use your support. But my ambition for today is more modest, I simply want to give voice to an injustice that is too often forgotten, and I hope you will add your voice to mine. We won’t be shrill, we will not use our words to punish, and we will not be ensnared in foolish arguing, but we will speak for the children.


5 thoughts on “Words of Life

  1. I have asked this questio of those who support “Choice”: What is the moral difference between feticide and infanticide – i.e., what is the difference between killing little Johnny Doe six months before he is born and killing him six months after he is born.

    I have never received a rational response.

  2. I guess it’s been just over month since Todd Aiken, Republican Senatorial Candidate, from Missouri missed his opportunity to promote the pro-life platform by trying to deny the truth and attempt to come up with a clever response to the subject of Abortion in the case of rape. To approach the subject of abortion without taking a hardline against the killing of innocent babies is rubbish. The pro-choice advocates would have us believe that it’s a big grey area to debate, there is no debate. It’s wrong and its sin and I support those who take their stand and throw political correctness into the wind.

  3. I cannot describe the disappointment i feel within when i listen to even those of like faith describe all the reasons for the person they are voting for. And never once do i hear the words this person is pro-life. I will vote this way because it is the way my parents voted, i will vote this way because it may empty my pockets if i vote otherwise, and on and on. If i am truly a ‘follower of Christ’ my first thought in voting is for life, not in what so many in the world just consider another form of birth control?.A mistake that can be disposed of? Is what is in my pocket worth more than precious life? Don’t we have obligations as a Christian to carry our faith in the voting booth?

  4. Thank you to those who have replied already. One word of caution that I ought to have made earlier: In my pastoral capacity I remain strictly apolitical and therefore avoid any endorsement of a candidate or their party. I agree that this conviction has political implications, but I don’t want this forum to become a place where people or parties are championed. None of the contributors have done this and I thank them.

  5. Thank you, Pastor, for speaking truth about the humanity of the unborn and God’s love for them. I agree wholeheartedly with your commitment to speak about this issue with dignity and love….for this is the only way we can make a difference. Foolish arguments don’t change the very minds we are trying to influence……the ones who literally hold the lives of their children in their hands. Mothers….who are desparate, who are afraid, who only see abortion as a way out of their situation. We must love them and show them a different way. Thank you for your truthful, compassionate words.

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