Notable App-enings

The long wait is finally over, I received my new phone last week and I am thoroughly satisfied. With the latest, greatest iPhone 5 in my possession I am cool again (for at least 6 months)! Much of the fun in a new device is found in identifying, downloading, and arranging the desired apps. This digital ordering has been the focus of my evenings ever since I received my ‘Uber’-slick phone.

And as I accumulated my list of ‘must-have’ apps, I realized that they are worthy of promotion. So I decided to share with you some more notable residents of my electronic real estate. Here they are in no specific order:

1.  ESV Bible

The English Standard Version is my default Bible translation. It maintains a balance between the accuracy of a word-by-word translation (NASB, etc) and the readability of a paraphrase translation (NIV, etc). The layout is clean, making navigating and reading the Bible easy.

2.  TGC

The Gospel Coalition is an online community that promotes gospel-centered living. It hosts forums, blogs, interviews, reviews, and the like – it is a wonderful bazaar of precious truths. I frequently browse through the site and find my mind stimulated and my faith strengthened.

3.  M&E

Humor me with this one, but I have to include a little bit of Spurgeon. Charles Spurgeon’s famous devotional, Morning and Evening is a wonderful addition to your daily time with God. There are a number of apps that offer this timeless favorite, but this is my personal favorite.

4.  PrayerNotes

More people lie about praying than they would like to admit. Their promises to pray are often sincere and yet quickly forgotten. Here is a nifty app that allows you to list your prayer needs on your device and keep your praying purposeful. This one is new for me, but I like it.

5.  New City

Another new app, I am really excited about this one. This is a modern catechism that is customizable for children and/or adults. It is incredibly well done and includes video commentary from some leading evangelical teachers. The only drawback to this app is that it is restricted to iPad.

6.  Logos

The Logos Bible app is the largest, most advanced resource for mobile Bible study. A sophisticated library system, which enables the user to search an incredible number of resources. The app is free, but the reference books must be purchased either in packages or individually.

What about you? Do you have a list of favorites that we all need to know about? I still have some space on my phone, and I want to rectify that!


6 thoughts on “Notable App-enings

  1. I thoroughly enjoy the life church bible app. It has almost every version that you can imagine along with downloadable versions to access anytime.

  2. Great job!

    I have a few that I really enjoy using but here are three that I think could benefit anyone.

    1. GoodNotes (the FREE app was so good I purchased the full version) It allows you to import PDF’s and make notes on them with various tools, pens, highlighters, text boxes, etc. Some of you may have noticed that I use it on my music stand each Sunday to put our song list on. I can download the sheet music Jason sends us and then make notes during rehearsal! You can make folders for different categories to keep them organized!

    2. I use the Olive Tree Bible app for my bible reading. There are many resources there that are free as well as eBibles and books that you can purchase. It comes in very handy while taking sermon notes and leading our community group in discussing the sermon based curriculum.

    3. Plugged In Online has an iPhone/iPad app that is essential for guarding yourself and your family against the dangers of unwholesome entertainment. From movie reviews, current music releases, video games, and more! It has saved us many times from exposing our children to things that we wouldn’t want them to see or hear. It also gives you enough information to decide at what level you are ready to begin discussions about making wise choices when it comes to media consumption.

    • I second the recommendation of Olive Tree Bible App. Although I don’t have an Iphone (I have an Android), I still recommend it for anyone with a compatible device. There are lots of free resources, but you have to pay for the ESV translation.

  3. Eugene,
    You left out the “Wife App”. Gets me out of trouble when I realize I am headed home and forgot to tell Debbie I am on the way. Only two clicks and no text necessary. I’m sure I am very safe with only two clicks while I am driving! Mostly I just don’t want to get into trouble/!!

  4. I like the Biblegateway app from Zondervan. There are bugs to fix on the android version, but it was on apple first, so it’s probably better. They have most all translations on their online site, and a lot of translations on the app. I’ll check out the New City and Logos app. New City sounds like something growable like youtube.

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