So Long Sandy

During this past Sunday’s service, Fellowship took up an offering to help those displaced by Hurricane Sandy. The storm is no longer headline news, but the scope of destruction is massive and the need is immediate. Many families have been stripped of their shelter during the season that they need it most. Motivated by the love of Jesus, and following the example of the early church, we wanted to help. Today we are sending a check of $12,260 to our sister church in North Brunswick, NJ.

Reid Monaghan is the lead pastor at Jacob’s Well. Before starting the church in New Jersey three years ago, he served on staff at Fellowship Nashville. I have only met him once, but I liked him immediately and remember him fondly. God is using Reid to change lives in a difficult place. This is what he said about his new home:

“The evangelical church is very small in this part of the country and we are humbled by friends who desire to help. Your generosity will help us, and churches in our network, show the love of Christ here, proclaim the Gospel and be an influence for the Kingdom of God.”

Reid has partnered with some other pastors to develop a church-planting network in New Jersey. Two member churches have been deeply affected along the Jersey shore and are in desperate need. The response has been quick. From, and through, this fledgling network huge quantities of manpower and resources have been flowing into affected areas. This is a brief, and incomplete, summary of what was done last weekend:

  1. Clothing, food, toys, toiletries, etc. were packed into trailers for distribution.
  2. Temporary housing was constructed for the displaced.
  3. Volunteers were served and refreshed. Some have been volunteering for the past 2 weeks straight.
  4. Trash was hauled from the streets.
  5. Families were helped to gain access into their homes in order to salvage what remains.
  6. Diapers were delivered to a crisis pregnancy center and coats were provided to children.
  7. Men and women’s underwear was donated to displaced people.

We are inspired by the love shown by our brothers and sisters in New Jersey and pleased that we can help them in their efforts. The money sent will do good, our prayers will do even more!

You can learn more about Jacob’s Well at


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