Story Time

Everybody loves an epic. The story of larger-than-life characters in charming places awakens our imagination and sweeps us away from our daily troubles. For a moment we are wrapped up in the exploits of others and the strains of our daily living are forgotten. A good story can bring color and exhilaration to a day that has neither. That’s what a good story can do. A great story can do so much more.

There are some stories of people and places that transcend our imagination and can touch our lives. They change us. These tales do not comfort us through escapism but rather embolden us and give us a vision for the future. Wrapped up in the twists of the plot are nuggets of truth that transcend time and motivate the listener. A good story entertains—a great story inspires.

For your good, I want to invite you to story time.

This Saturday evening we will sit and listen to the story of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. The Prince of Preachers, Spurgeon was the celebrity of his age. An exceptional man, who was as colorful as he was gifted, his story is absolutely riveting. Few men have been used by God the way Spurgeon was and his victories are thrilling to hear. But while his life is entertaining, it’s his legacy that serves us best. The way Spurgeon persisted in a shifting social climate is an example to our own generation. From Spurgeon we can learn how to hold fast to the truth when powers and peers are abandoning it.

Have you noticed how angry people are? Are you angry? Do you get mad thinking about the rapid decay in our society? Does the cultural swing put your teeth on edge? There is good reason for alarm but there is no benefit in passive fury. We need to know how to walk into the future. The landscape won’t shift just because it offends us. What we need is a pilot to show us how to live in a changing world. Spurgeon is a skilled pilot.

I want you to listen and learn. There is no need to make you into a fan of the man—he has enough. I would prefer you to be receptive, to be inspired by the possibility of perseverance and courage for the future. I want you to discover the strength to deny convention and stay true to your faith. I want you to hear a story of victory.

For your own good, I want to invite you to this story time.

Spurgeon mailbox handouts

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