Scott Hamilton‘s Faith

I don’t like dance—I know, I know, I’m a cultural Philistine, but I’m unrepentant about it. The day my eldest chose to quit ballet in favor of horse riding I rejoiced knowing that I had escaped years of agonizing recitals. But I have two girls and my amnesty is jeopardized every time the youngest does a pirouette through the house. I’m sweating again.

I may be culturally deficient, but I’m not altogether ignorant. I do know who Scott Hamilton is. And yes, I know that he’s not a dancer. He’s a skater. But my animus against flowing forms means that the disciplines get lumped together. And I used ‘lumped’ purposefully, unrepentant Philistine that I am.

But as I was saying,  I know who Scott Hamilton is, and on the occasions I have seen him on TV I have found him quite likeable. He seems like the kind of guy I would like to know. He comes across as friendly, funny, and somewhat self-depreciating—which is refreshing in such an accomplished athlete. What I didn’t know is that the man has a courageous faith that is inspiring. Scott Hamilton has lived a life of triumph in the midst of tragedy, and his victorious spirit is due to his faith in Jesus.

I don’t know Scott but his faith story makes me wish I did. Hopefully, this Olympic athlete will inspire you to run the race and win the prize.

102 thoughts on “Scott Hamilton‘s Faith

  1. I grew up watching Scott Hamilton skate and always enjoyed and admired him. He was and is a strong man of faith and role model for all athletes and men.

  2. A beautiful testimony to the goodness of God and a true role model of trust, perseverance, and the blessings that come through trials. Thank you, Scott. In a world where stars are all about themselves and using others, you are a breath of fresh, God-centered air.

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey of faith with the world…trusting your testimony will make a difference & knowing it has brought glory to our Father! Praying for you this moment!

  4. Listening to this, I kept thinking about how he values life and thanks God for everything….and how he prayed for the chance of another child and got an answer to his prayer. (Miracle Max)….and, others in their immorality and lack of Christian faith…..strap bombs to kids, sell children for sex and slavery, and think nothing of ending a life that has begun to grow in the mother’s womb. I need to pray everyday….for forgiveness of my own life’s choices, and we all need to pray for strength to set an example in hopes that people of all faiths will get to know about God and the Christian faith.

    • There are many people who ARE Christians. Who have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, who DO bad things. They have abortions,affairs,etc. being Christian does not make one perfect. You are a Christian….yet you are quite judge mental. Jesus doesn’t see sin as one greater than the other. So your judgement is as bad as bad as murderers and people who ” strap bombs on children”

      • Give grace…as its given to us. Jesus changes hearts and we are His hands. We cannot change hearts…our words need to “bleed Bible”. Christians aren’t perfect, but they are saved. They are on a journey with the Holy Spirit as their guide. Pray for wisdom, for ears and eyes to open to His truth and His love…forgive one another. “If you have love for one another, then people will know that you are My disciples.” Plant seeds of forgiveness, hope, love, forgiveness…seeds of the fruit of the Spirit and plant them in the same loving spirit of our loving Father who “loved the world so much…”…that He gave His best for it – died for it. GBU

    • Sometimes we Christians inadvertently paint with too broad a brush, Janet. Many people who are not Christians care about injustice and suffering. Thank you for pointing that out.

    • Janet, being a good person does not make you right with the Lord. It just makes you nice. I found it interesting that you only mentioned strapping bombs to kids or selling them for sex slaves. Linda also mention abortion. The number one reason for the death of millions of children.

    • Big. Picture. Janet.
      She didn’t say that all non-Christians strap bombs to children, just pointing out the far end of the spectrum. I can’t help but believe you came into this story & discussion looking not only for an opportunity to be offended, but to sensationalize what you see as oppression & judgement from Christians. Honestly, I perceive that you feel convicted by your own choices & fear of rejection from Christians. Granted some are very judgemental, absolutely; however, God is not mean. He loves everyone, even those who reject Him. As a matter of fact, He IS love. Don’t reject Him because some of His “representatives” aren’t perfect. If God’s drawing you to Him, don’t run the other way. Jesus did every single thing IN LOVE. I don’t know your background, your story, your history … I know. But if you can’t find enough humans who treat you, or even just show what “walking in love” is, may I suggest you consider reading the Bible – starting with the New Testament. Read it & read it & read it. Look at exactly what Jesus said & did. Focus on His attitude, His nature, His instructions. When you absorb some of that goodness, & you will, you’ll be more equipped to deal with the judgers (which are sinning) in Love. And if you ask God, or even just want Him to (He knows your heart), He’ll get you connected with the right people at the right time – when You’re ready. Just know that even all by yourself reading The Word you get a relationship with Him. There’s Always gonna be judgemental hypocrites, but God is the only judge that matters & there’s only 1 judgement day. Everyone, no matter who they are, will have the same judge. And He’s gracious & merciful to get you there through that relationship with Him.

      • Margaret and JayCee, I don’t think that Janet was taking offense. She was only pointing out the obvious truth that many Christians (in this case you and Lynda) wash over in their attempt to sensationalize things: Christianity doesn’t make you good, other religions don’t make you bad. Taking an honest statement and replying with veiled (Margaret) and unveiled (JayCee) bitterness and judgement makes you look like fools…nothing Christ-like to be sure.

      • Thank you JayCee, I needed that reminder to stop focusing on what the ppl around me are doing to me, or not doing, and to look to the heavens, my Help is GOD. Although my friends love me, I’m looking at their ‘flesh’ and their fallen natures and wondering why they can’t read my mind and just know that i’m hurting and stumbling and just call me or come over to help me. GOD is bigger than any cancer or other illness, bigger and more powerful than any sin I’ve committed and He hasn’t turned His back on me, I’m the one not trusting in Him. He hasn’t changed, He won’t, but He will change me. LORD forgive me and restore me to the joy of Thy salvation!

      • Sam – You just made my point. Now you’re offended. I wasn’t bitter or judgemental. I was encouraging her not to let people be what produce her feelings about Chritians, or really God. Nothing I said was anything but support for her. I understand how someone could be anti-Christian because I was & am judged to this day by my Christian friends. My point & ALL I said was to encourage her not to base her beliefs on the actions of imperfect people. My firm belief is that it’s not about “religion” it’s about relationship – and not with people. Thanks for trying to twist what I said into bitterness. In all honesty (& I’m sure this’ll set you off again) I’m thinking you just may need a mirror. I’m not going to apologize for encouraging someone. And I’m not going to apologize for the mirror comment either. I know my faults & shortcomings. Being bitter & judgemental are way down on the list.

      • Jaycee per your reply to Sam..let me help you see what part is judgmental ” I can’t help but believe you came into this story & discussion looking not only for an opportunity to be offended, but to sensationalize what you see as oppression & judgement from Christians. Honestly, I perceive that you feel convicted by your own choices & fear of rejection from Christians.” Use of the words “believe” and “perceive” show you are making a judgement despite putting the overused word honestly in front of it.

    • Perfectly said. I was born into the Anglican church, and would never accuse anyone of any, or no faith at all, of being immoral. Many wrongs have been done under the guise of faith in religion, and to believe that all people of another faith are wrong is , well, just wrong. To each his or her own I say. But be nice to others along the way.

    • Hi Janet. Of coarse you wouldn’t consider those acts! The Love of Your Heavenly Father, is the greatest love! He looks beside you any fault or deed that we do : for some it’s foul language. Some over drinking to drunkiness . We are human, we ALL have sin and fall short. Gods grace is sufficient for all . God sent his only son, to die on a cross. The blood he shed, washing a sinner clean. Without the spirit if the Holy Ghost, you have nothing but life and things . Agape Love, Christ has for you, Ask Jesus to come into your heart , To be ruler of your life. A simple pray. God is good. His love endures forever! Open the bible. Read . It is life changing. The Joy is overwhelming and it will light up your life. Praying for you. Teresa

    • It doesn’t matter how good u r. The bible tells us all have sinned and come short of the glory of god. We all must be born again. Just ask him to come into your heart. Its that simple.

    • Hey Janet,
      Despite the fact that you weren’t actually asking to be a Christian in your comment, but just stating a fact that was understandable, I hope some day you will give Jesus a chance in your life so you can see just how wonderful he really is. He says in his word, “Try me and see that I am good”.

      • Well said Laurie, Christians are trying to follow Jesus, big shoes to fill, they are on a journey… In the beginning of the trip they make many mistakes, judge others, discourage and don’t show love or forgiveness…but as they continue, persevere, build their faith and relationship with Jesus – affirmed in His love for them…their hearts undergo change, their minds and their will grow into understanding of who Jesus truly is. Its a life-changing journey and we need to cut each other some slack – allow room for growth…which only the Holy Spirit can produce ’cause that’s His job and He is so good at it. Great comment…that’s what Jesus would have said!

    • Janet, I apologize for the negative comments from the so called Christians. I’m OK with you not being a Christian. I am, but I am flawed. Just like everyone else on this board. Jesus looks at the heart and sees what we can’t.
      I find it sad that the majority of Christians are so judge mental and condescending….and can’t see beyond the sin of people.

  5. What a fantastic testimony of God’s presence, love, and power!. That was probably the best message of its sort I have ever seen or heard. Thanks to Scott for sharing it with the world.

  6. I cheered for you during your Olympic competitions. I laughed during your comedic programs. I cried during each of your physical challenges. I admired your spirit constantly. And now I thank you for sharing your love of God. Thank you, Scott!

  7. That was an awesome testimony of what he went through and how he prays!!! Ask for strength, healing, and that he is second:-)

  8. Thanks Doris…I too want to share Scott’s testimony with two beautiful people I love. Thanks to you Scott for sharing your journey.

  9. Thank you for sharing your story and Scott’s story. We all need to understand everything that happens, EVERYTHING, is for a purpose. And sharing our stories help strengthen each other as God’s children and family. Again, thank you.

  10. Thank you, Scott. I loved hearing about God’s pursuit of you. Ken Durham is a good friend I love and respect. You could have been placed with no better person on the planet than Ken. Your life makes His life real. All the glory was given to our Father. Thank you, again.

  11. I, too, consider my brain tumor experience one of life’s greatest gifts. It was during that time that I experienced complete grace. Head knowledge, as a lifelong Christian, became a heart knowledge that I don’t know would have ever been as complete otherwise. So many stories of how ordinary people proclaim “I am Second.” There will come a time when we will have all of eternity to hear each other’s stories. Thank you for sharing your story Scott.

  12. Scott, thank you for sharing your journey of faith. We are all walking by faith in the WORD. Indeed HE is our strength, hope, and joy. Let us thank and praise HIM for HIS constant presence and care!!!

  13. Very cool. I watched Scott in the olympics and wow what a skater. Its really neat to see where he has placed his trust and that is in Christ. Philippians 4:13

  14. Thank you for sharing I grew up watching Scitt Hamilton and I have loved for as long as I can remember. Not only for his skating but also his heart you could see his heart through his smile and his life! Thank you Scott for being you and the man in Christ that you are!
    LOVE YOU!!

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  16. God Bless you Scott, and your wife and family. My husband went home last year. He had a brain tumor so I can identify with everything you are going through ( and your wife). God is Merciful and I can see that you know that already. We prayed that God would give us at least 2 years. God gave us nearly three. I look at it as a blessing because we had the time to prepare, reflect, and enjoy each other. We were never closer than during those last three years. God is good and oh so gracious. I pray that you continue to draw closer to Him. This is not in vain and He is in total control.Thank you for your testimony, it is such a blessing.

  17. Particularly love the part of your story where the nurse helped you understand that God, our Father, longs for us to come to him just as you as a father, long for your children to ask you for help. I had that same revelation this past summer. God never is Bothered by our need for Him. He is there for that very reason!

  18. What a beautiful testimony from Scott. Michelle, I thought the conversation with the nurse was a very powerful part of the story as well. The reaction of Tracy (Scott’s wife) over the news of his brain tumor was incredible to me as well. To not react in fear, but immediately turn to prayer. What tremendous faith, and what a wonderful example.

    I think Janet was just responding to Linda’s comment, and interpreting the lack of Christian faith to someone who would strap a bomb to kids, etc. I understand Linda’s view – – it is disheartening to see how evil this world can be. And yes – – the people who commit these evil acts do lack Christian faith.

    And yet, some of the most “moral”, honest, kind people I know ALSO lack Christian faith. It is sometimes toughest for those folks to see a need for Jesus, because, hey, they’re behaving a lot better than some of the folks that go to church every time the doors are open.

    But guess what. We all fall short of what God requires in terms of sin. And once we realize our need for Jesus, we’re still “work in progress”. Still trying to learn to be encouraging, without being judgmental. Still trying to live holy lives, and not fall into self righteousness. Still sinners . . . . just forgiven.

  19. I needed this, thank you Scott for taking the time to share the reality of God in your life – so much of today seems plastic, an illusion, a trumphed up dream … Jesus is my real friend! Earlier this morning, I read the last chapter in the book of John, Jesus frying fish by the lake, breakfast ready for the nightshift!

  20. WOW what an inspiration. If it were not for his brain tumor, he would have grown to be taller, and probably chosen a different sport than he did….if it were not for his wife’s faith he would not have been curious about the hope she had to be a parent with him even amid his physical post cancer challenges! Now, he courageously declares his love for Jesus when many famous people are being shunned for their beliefs.Thanks Scott for bringing us many hours of enjoying the spectacular sport of skating and for your humble journey of faith I too was born with a brain condition…mine called an AVM that did not surface until I was 25 and was coaching gymnastics. Holding onto Jesus with those whose He’d given to love me was my hope as well.

  21. I do not know Scott Hamilton personally, but I honor and respect him as a human being, as a leader, as one to stand out of a crowd. The first time I saw him skating he was doing a chimney sweeper routine, and I was amazed at what he could accomplish with such a big smile on his face, a crowd pleaser who thoroughly enjoyed what he was doing,. heart and sould. I followed him as others did throughout the years, and was and always be proud of him as an American and human. When he was diagnosed with cancer, my heart went out to him and the rest of the skating community for I did not know what was in store for him, nor did he. I prayed along with thousands, maybe millions of others for his recovery, to beat that nasty cancer. God is great, Scott survived, and NEVER once did he play the pity party game,.He keeps going, putting one foot in front of the other, still leading the way, shining the light, God bless you Scott, you are a star on earth, and a wonderful person, Thank you for sharing your life and faith with all of us, You are a true inspiration !!!

  22. Scott thank you for reminding us of God’s grace and love for us and our “faith in our history” is one of the greatest stories ever told. In our Ladies Tuesday Bible class we are studying from Casandra Martin’s book: Immeasurably More” – you have been given and unmeasurable amount of God’s love and here an example of her description of an “Immeasurably More” life. It is a unmeasurable, unfathomable road we live on, walk on, and praise God for His Son, that gave us so much more. God bless you and your family in your walk and talk of such a One.

  23. I have enjoyed watching Scott perform over the years and so glad to know he is a believer in God, as I am. I so needed to hear this because I’ve been ‘down in the valley’. I am grateful for what I have but have had some setbacks and have been wondering if it’s because I haven’t asked for what I need from God. I know the Bible says that you have not because you ask not, but I always feel unworthy of asking for help – maybe it’s a pride thing. I’m not asking to be rich, but just want to be able to pay the bills on time! I am not one to rely on anyone’s help, especially not the government, but I should take my burdens to God and keep on having faith in Him to take care of me & my family!

  24. Thank you, Scott, for your testimony and your unfailing faith. For me, it is a day by day process. My 24 year old daughter was murdered in April, 2013, by her boyfriend. None of us would have ever imagined that he was capable of doing something like this. Yet, he did and he took away the dreams she had and the wishes we had for her. I get angry at God, from time to time, but I’m also grateful not because she’s dead but because He sent His Son to die for my sins and promised me eternal life. I accepted that gift many years ago and know that,someday, I will see Justine again. I will also see other family members as well. People might look at Christians and say we are fools for believing in something we haven’t seen, that we are crazy for believing in a God that allows bad things to happen to people. I believe because I believe. I know that, when I get to Heaven, God will (if He chooses) answer my questions. I know one thing,though: Justine’s death wasn’t in vain, She wanted to help people via the Peace Corps and wanted to start a business that would help out kids that needed to go somewhere after school, a business of dance as well. Monies have been donated to several organizations that help out those that need help (both domestically and internationally). A special scholarship is in place via the community college that she was set to graduate from before going on to the UW Tacoma. She believed in the golden rule,in “paying it forward”. Hopefully, Scott’s testimony will help others who are going through similar circumstances. His “what if” moment reminds me of the movie “It’s Wonderful Life” where George Bailey gets to see what life would have been like had he not been born. Best wishes to you, Scott, and your wonderful family.

    • Susan, I’m so sorry for the loss of your precious daughter. How wonderful to use her spirit and her caring for others to, indeed, pay it forward. A fitting legacy that you carry on in her name.

  25. Scott you’re a real nice guy and one hell of an athlete. For all the gobbledygook you stated is an explanation. Science and educated people who diagnosed and treated you. And give yourself some credit for a will to endure. Well done son!I felt compelled to comment having just come back from a funeral of a close frien. Christian through and through. Father of 3 daughters and a son. Collectively they must have prayed till the cows came home to no avail. Not buying it!

    • God’s not a sugar-daddy. Painful as it is, like a father, He allows free choice, which means that bad things WILL happen. Sometimes God allows people to be removed for their own benefit and rest from a cruel world, yet He won’t give anyone more than they can handle. What He DOES do is promise paradise to those who overcome – all this at His own expense, the cross. He loves you beyond measure . . .

    • Tom, you are very angry about the death of your friend. That’s understandable. But, don’t make assumptions based on your grief and anger…like God doesn’t care or even exist…that prayer is a useless endeavor…that being a Christian should shield someone from suffering and loss.

      Everybody faces death – that’s a fact. We’d all like to think that our time will come when we’re ready, that we’ll look back over a life filled with joy and family, and we’ll be ready to go. But that doesn’t always happen. If you were in charge of who lives and who dies and when, how exactly would you handle that responsibility? Only old people would die…and maybe bad people…but how do you choose between the good and bad? Truth is that none of us are qualified to make such monumental decisions, although we’d like to think we are. I’m not God – and I don’t want to be!

      My brother died 3 days before the birth of his baby daughter. Was he a Christian? Yes. Was he prayed for? Absolutely. Yet, still he died – which was not fair, at least from his family’s point of view. I don’t know why he died at that one moment in time – and I will never find the answer to that while I’m still here. It is enough for me to know that – even though he had everything to live for here – he was ready to go Home. I miss him desperately at times, but I would not wish him back here even if I could do such a thing. Where he is now is exactly where he should be.

      I will pray for your friend’s family, that they will be strengthened and comforted by their faith. I suspect that at some point, they will be able to tell you that their hope and assurance of eternal life is greater than their loss. The God of all comfort has not left them alone to deal with their loss.

      I will also pray for you – that you will turn to your Creator in your anger and pain. He is not afraid of your anger and questioning, for He is so much bigger than either of those. Jesus said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness.” The grace of God is full and free and knows no boundaries. You will find all you need there.

    • Tom,
      If you ever desire to see it like Scott, you will have to use your heart and not your intellect, “For with the heart man believes unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.Romans 10; 10-13 We will ALL die one day, dying is not what matters, what matters is what comes after.

  26. Thank you for your beautiful testimony to GOD’s faithfulness in your life. It reinforces something I have always believed. GOD is far less concerned with the circumstances in your life and far more concerned with how you handle the circumstances in your life. This 80 years of life is fleeting, like a puff of smoke. But, whatever we do here during those 80 years to bring Glory to GOD and be a witness to others is what matters thruout eternity. Pain and sorrow and grief WILL come. Even persecution is likely for many. But how we go thru those valley and storms of life will impact in ways we cannot imagine!!!! So bear them gracefully, use them to bear witness of a strong faith and rest in the assurance that HE see all and knows all and has plans for you – plans only for your good. Maybe not in this life…but oh so glorious in the life to come! Thank you Scott. May GOD continue to bless you and all those you touch with your testimony. (:

  27. I have had the pleasure of meeting Scott in person 2 years ago, and he is as nice, humble, and funny as you hope and envision he would be. And his faith is amazin.

  28. Scott has really given many so much joy and now he is giving hope to all who will listen. What an amazing man he is . His mother is so very proud of the man he has become. God bless him and his family

  29. Thank you Scott for this awesome testimony. I needed that today. I am facing surgery on Tue. Feb 25. I have had a restless feeling and was searching for the peace that I know my Lord, Jesus Christ ,can give me. Something has been holding me back from allowing the Lord to flow that peace through me. Your testimony and faith walk has released that flow and once again I can trust the God that never makes mistakes. Thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless you and your family.

  30. Scott, you are an amazing man of God. I have followed and enjoyed and prayed for you for so many years that I don’t even know how long. I’ve been to all of your ice shows in Spokane, and miss seeing them (and you). Love the way you comment on other’s skating and you deserve all the praise you receive. I love you Scott Hamilton, and not afraid to admit it ! God Bless you forever and ever !! Wish I would have followed through with my attempt at skating, went to the auditions for the Ice Capades, years ago, but on paper, their first question was, are you willing to be away from home for 50 weeks per year ? I was 19 or 20 yrs old. Well, I said no to that, and hung up my skates. Had I not, I’m sure we would have been good friends !! Hugs from Spokane to you, where ever in the world you are Scott. xo ♥♥

  31. I have admired this man for such a long time. He has always had my vote, and now, he comes to so many and tells of his faith. You are so loved Scott. By so many and by the One!

  32. I am so proud of you Scott, you also taught my brother-in-law Ray Huff of Findlay, OH how to skate…he died of cancer as well…

  33. Scott, thank you for your wonderful testimony. God knows you and that your voice for Him will bring glorious peace and hope for others. May God continue to bless you. And may the thousands who hear your testimony trust Jesus as well.

    We’ve watched you for years as you have joyfully skated and thrilled us. Thank you for living your beautiful life.

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  35. I think King David would have “danced” to a skating routine if he could of, and withheld nothing back! Nothing wrong with that. So being a cultural philistine is only a matter of perspective. Whatever you do, do as unto the LORD – that is, have the right mind, and attitude, as well as faith in God to please HIM with all your might! Amen! & The bible teaches – God is a God of Love and Justice. God is angry with the wicked daily who refuse to be corrected; in which the prophets were sent to expose and warn of sin. Only a loving God would do this – showing mercy in giving knowledge to expose their wicket ways. Thus, my mother also died of cancer; come to know the LORD on her death bed; seeking Him for assurance in her relationship with Him. SO It is those who get sick of their sinfulness in which God exposes the truth in the light of His Love through knowledge of HIS righteousness; compels them to turn to HIM; yes, bc all of God’s commands are commendable for living, in which we have broken & can be forgiven! Knowledge is conscience; So God has shown us from within; speaking to us what it is we have done either for and against His Word. For if we break the law in one point; we are guilty of breaking the law in all. {James 2} That is we all stand before God guilty, and need to turn to Him for mercy and grace with holy fear, empowered by the Spirit for salvation; and strength to do His perfect will. Amen! Have you heard the Good News. Check this Out! ttps://

  36. I was so impressed by his words. He was told by someone to “ASK” God for what he needed, just don’t thank him. I was told the same thing by someone and did ask, God was good. God Bless Scott!!

  37. I’m not a fan of religion, but a huge Scott fan! He’s had an amazing life, and I’m glad he found something that worked for him. I never knew his feelings about religion, but this makes me like him even better – a man of beliefs who doesn’t mention it out of context. (but I didn’t listen to the whole interview. His beliefs are his – and not mine)
    I can’t believe anyone can hear him in the booth, and not leave a fan of skating! Thanks, Scott!

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  41. Thank you Scott, for speaking your truth. Listening to your take on the ice skaters, and then speaking on your pain, spoke loudly to me. I have a son and a nephew who suffer from bipolar/manic depression/schizophrenia. Your testimony has moved me to a new “position” of perspective. My son, is a wonderful step father and loves his girlfriend with all of his heart and might. He is a testimony of perseverance under fire. I will aspire to be more “like” him. Thank you for your honesty. Cathy Lazenberry

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