In A Better World

globeI don’t believe in purgatory but group texting is tempting me to reconsider.

Group texts have this unique ability to conjure up all kinds of unpleasantness inside of me. It begins with the incessant buzzing that emanates from my phone. As scores of people dutifully respond to the electronic summons, my phone reverberates with every addition. Now that my focus has been disrupted, I feel obliged to respond to this pestering.

What could possibly account for so much activity?

There, at the top of this eternal dialogue, is a simple message. It’s not altogether unimportant but somehow I feel altogether unimportant in the way the news has come to me. This is no personal conversation; it’s an announcement to the herd, to which I apparently belong.  Group texting is as personal as those infernal planes that buzz by the beach dragging banners advertising cheap shrimp. If this offence was limited to a convulsing phone and some injured pride I could bear it, but what comes next is unbearable…

Apparently, everyone has responded. Now begins the internal dispute over my response. If I do respond then I am complicit in this electronic kidnapping, but if I don’t I could be perceived as indifferent. Actually, I am quite indifferent but I don’t want to be perceived in that way. Folding under the digital peer pressure I consider my response. To my chagrin, the early responders have used up all the pithy retorts, and all I have left is a limp “yay”. Shameful!

Thanks to this ghastly process I have been disturbed, diminished, and enfeebled. In a better world group texts would require the same emergency threshold as 911 calls and responses would be limited to a simple acknowledgment.



7 thoughts on “In A Better World

  1. The way I see group texting as annoying as it may be at times, is productive for the most part. Though the dings, vibrations, and choo choos may be disruptive to us for a period of time, can you imagine having phone conversations with each one in the group? Now that would be dreadful to me.

  2. Group texts are fine. But all responses should be to original sender so the phone doesn’t light up like a firecracker. I can’t stand getting responses from everyone. One of my pet peeves also.

  3. I want to share this post on my Facebook wall because it wholeheartedly expresses my feelings (in much better and longer words). AND! If my group texter friends are offended, I can blame it on my pastor. :)
    But, seriously, “ain’t nobody got time” for those phone dings! Especially when you finally check it and everyone is simply responding with “okay”….or “yay”.

  4. I’m cracking up over this! I am such a social butterfly that when I am in the middle of a group text, I am so happy that I have been included. No, really! In fact, my best friends from Arizona and I have a running group text and it is so much fun! We laugh and cry together and encourage each other through our day. We can ask for prayer quickly about a kid throwing a tantrum or a something stressful at work, it’s the greatest! Maybe gals like it better because we can focus on more than one thing at once. ;) Just kidding. I’ll try to keep my including you in a group text to a minimum. ;)

  5. I am often the recipient of many group texts (and ladies you know who you are, but I love you anyway). Each group text for me is a download because I must be the only person that still has an Android phone. I must say all the bells and whistles that go off keep me quite entertained at work!

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