About Eugene

I am occasionally asked, “Where are you from?” and I am reminded that I am not a native to West Tennessee. My accent is distinctly South African, which stands to reason, since I was raised there. Oddly enough, I was born not far from my home here in Jackson. My first breath was taken in Louisville, Kentucky. My family was in the Bluegrass state in order for my father to complete his theological training. Shortly after my arrival, dad graduated and the family returned home to Johannesburg.

Africa, with all its visual wonder, played a key role in my salvation. It was an unexpected experience in the bush that struck my soul and changed my life.  Alone in the dark, while gazing at the heavens, it struck me how small and insignificant I was. I knew God to be real, but I had given him a ‘rain check’, submission to his Lordship would come at a later date—a date of my choosing. But in that moment, beneath the Southern Cross, I suddenly saw the idiocy of my pride.  Grace is God’s imperative and unbidden it flooded into my soul. My simple prayer was ‘OK’. It was an unconditional surrender and I entered into a relationship with the giver of life. It was just days later that I first felt the tug of the Lord’s call into pastoral ministry.

The journey into ministry went through the corridors of education. After graduating college I entered the teaching profession. It was during this time that I married Kathy. We met in college where I had the privilege of introducing her to Christ. We became fast friends; study partners and steadily our friendship became romantic. She is awesome—she is the reason people like me! Together we have been blessed with a daughter, eleven-year-old Megan, a son, seven-year-old Ryan, and a five-year-old little girl, Caroline.

After two years of marriage, Kathy and I made a move to the States where I began my theological studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

After graduating, we moved to Little Rock, Arkansas to participate in a new church planting initiative. I was to be a guinea pig in an experimental program! It was awesome! I was able to explore the practical “how-to’s” of church leadership before launching out to plant a church.

The field we landed in was here in Jackson, TN. And what fertile soil it is. I have been the directional pastor here for the past twelve years and have been constantly amazed at my good fortune. Surrounded by awesome elders, a talented and unified staff, I get to minister to some of the finest people I have ever met.

That one night beneath the stars changed the whole direction of my life and I am grateful. God be praised for this life that he has redeemed!


8 thoughts on “About Eugene

  1. I am so thankful that I have discovered Fellowship Bible Church & that you are here. You have been an awesome blessing to me and to so many others. May God bless you with a very long and fruitful ministry here in Jackson.
    Martha White

  2. I just received an email with the Scott Hamilton video attached. In looking at your website I noticed a verse from Hebrews across the top. It gives reference to Heb 14:14. Could this be a misprint since Hebrews has only 13 books? Or do I have an incomplete Bible?

  3. Someone posted the video/testimony of Scott Hamilton & I clicked on it. One thing led to another, and here I am. I think it quite probable I’ll be a regular visitor. I love the simplicity of your words. No deep theological jargon, just Godly truths applied to living for Him. Thanks.

  4. I have always been awed by Scott Hamilton and have frequently listed him as the “one person (living or dead) that you would most like to meet” I read his book, went to Stars on Ice to watch him skate during his last year performing, and always love to hear his voice as a commentator of skating events. I was absolutely moved to tears by the video and am so grateful as it came at a really good time for me to be reminded of how awesome our God really is. I have “liked” you on FB and signed up to follow your blog. Thanks and God Bless! (Now i would REALLY love to meet Scott)

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